MiX16 Show Cue

The next generation of show business apps.

One app for iPadOS, iOS and macOS

User interface

The same look and feel on all supported operating systems and devices.


The first show business app on the market that gives you control over the entire show by phone.

iCloud Drive

Use iCloud Drive to transfer your projects between devices.

Free and paid version

MiX16 Show Cue Lite

Limited to 20 cues. No projects.

For simple shows or try before buy paid version.

MiX16 Show Cue

Unlimited cues. Unlimited projects.

No subscription. No in-app purchases. Buy once, use it forever.


Multimedia cues

MiX16 Show Cue can play audio, midi, video and image files. Supported file formats: aif, aifc, aiff, caf, m4a, mp3, wav, flac, mid, mov, m4v, mp4v, mp4, jpg, jpeg, png and bmp.


Industry standard playing properties can be set to each multimedia cue: volume, fade-in time, fade-out time, loop and pan.*

*Some properties may vary based on multimedia cue file type (audio, midi, video or image).

Text cues
Lighting cues
Live Input cues
Automation cues
External control
Multiple languages

Privacy policy

MiX16 Show Cue Lite is a free application for iPadOS, iOS and macOS created by Gregor Krasevec.
MiX16 Show Cue is a commercial application for iPadOS, iOS and macOS created by Gregor Krasevec.

MiX16 Show Cue Lite and MiX16 Show Cue applications DO NOT collect any personal or any other information from the user.

MiX16 Show Cue Lite and MiX16 Show Cue applications DO NOT use any third party software for tracking user activity, displaying advertisement or any other activity which is not compliant with the GDPR.

Frequently asked questions

I bought MiX16 Show Cue​​​​​​​ for iOS, do i need to buy it again for macOS?

No. Once you buy MiX16 Show Cue you can use it on all your devices. Just make sure you use the same Apple ID.

I have multimedia files stored on iCloud Drive, is this ok?
My multimedia cues are marked with an error and won't play, what to do?
Which hardware should i use for Lighting?


If you have a problem, suggestion or anything else, please check our support forum or send us an email to info@mix16apps.com or fill this contact form.

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